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IVO Sales Process

Our sales process at IVO Systems is carefully designed to make sure we’re a good fit for you, the potential customer who is looking to add software to your toolbox. 

We have several ways for you to reach out to us- we’re on social media platforms, our website has request demo forms and a live chat, and our company contact information is easy to find. We also send out different emails and our sales staff makes calls in order to find the right customers at the right time. 

But overall, our sales process is focused on you. Whether you submitted a form or our staff caught you at a good time, we want to understand what your operational challenges are and how you are looking to solve them. We will generally ask about your current operations, fleet, company size, and other questions to determine what you need. 

All of this information helps us tailor the next step, a Zoom or in-person demo, specifically to your needs so that we are not wasting your time with irrelevant features or modules. We understand that you are very busy and will be very up-front with you if we don’t think we can help- in fact, we’ll even recommend other software platforms if we aren’t a good fit. 

On the demo, we will again discuss your challenges and show you exactly how we would meet your needs within the IVO Systems platform with one of our co-founder(s).  As Eric Christensen likes to say, “It’s really a free consultation…” from industry professional. At this point we also provide you with pricing and your own login to the IVO platform so you can go back into the system and try it out for yourself. 

We tend to do a second demo, usually with more members of your team so that you can be confident that everyone’s questions have been answered. We generally go into specific details about implementation and training, although we can also do this on the first demo. 

If you decide to move forward with IVO Systems, we will send you a final contract and invoice, and immediately start working towards your implementation schedule. We’ll help you import your data into the system, set up your projects, schedules, maintenance history, and more. 

Once your data is imported, we can begin training, whether that’s on a Zoom call, on the phone, or in-person. You should be up and running within a month, depending on your records, availability and schedule. 

Finally, you’ll have access to our support team that will help you resolve any issues that come up or train new staff members. We’ll communicate any updates or fixes with you to make sure you are always in the know of what’s coming to the IVO Systems Platform. 

We hope to serve you and add value to your company. Please let us know if you have an interest in discussing our software. 

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Dispatch Ticket Filter Update

[00:00:00] Hi, Eric Christensen here at IVO Systems, and we just recently released a software update that really goes into allowing users to better sort and filter their dispatch tickets. This was requested by our users and what we love here at IVO Systems is getting requests from our customers that, we’re using this software so much that we need to filter and see more information faster. So of course, we would make that logical update to our software.

Then from there, we also updated some of the looks and feel of the software as well, just to again, improve the user experience. That’s, a cool place for us to be with IVO Systems since we’re really moving our software forward, along with our customers to address their specific needs and how they can, better use our software to improve their operations Hopefully, you get a chance to enjoy that update as a customer, or if you want to see what we’re offering, we would love to set up a demo to quickly demonstrate how we might be able to help you.

IVO News

Thank you World of Concrete!

The IVO Systems crew could not have been more thrilled to be at World of Concrete 2021 in Las Vegas.

After a long winter of Zoom demos, it was great to meet with customers, prospects, and other vendors in-person. World of Concrete was our first major trade show as a company, and we learned quite a bit (such as guaranteeing that we will buy padded carpet for every future show).

We really appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth. It was great meeting with you to discuss your challenges and how we’re moving the construction industry forward.

Our next stop on the road is The Utility Expo (formerly ICUEE), September 28-30 in Louisville, Kentucky. Stay tuned for our booth number, and we hope to see you there!

IVO Systems is an web-based and mobile-friendly operations software platform built for heavy civil construction. Our “online magnet board” helps our customers manage equipment locations, hour meters and preventative maintenance, and schedule employees and crews with text notifications.

IVO Systems Products

About IVO

How is IVO Systems’ Software Different?

Our co-founders were frustrated with the desktop-based, seat-based, and confusing heavy civil software options (accounting, estimating, operations, etc.)

Therefore we built modern mobile-friendly software on the Amazon cloud for easy access and updates. This is a unique feature for IVO Systems’ entire platform.

What this means for you is that you can access your data and reports from anywhere- from the field, office, or shop.

As we’ve discussed in other articles, like our guide to construction software, IVO Systems is focused on improving your daily operations. We want everyone in your company to benefit from using our software.

That said, we understand that there is a big difference in what information an owner or vice president needs to access compared to a lowboy driver. You are able to control this by setting different access levels based on what you want different workers in your company to be able to see.

For example, a Vice President of Operations may want to see all dispatch tickets available in DispatchVO, but a driver would only need to see the ones assigned to them.

Finally, your pricing is based on how much data you want in the system, and which features you want to use.

It doesn’t make sense to pay for software you aren’t going to use. That’s why we focus on bringing value to everyone in your company.

We charge an annual subscription fee that gives everyone in your company access to each chosen module, and understand that not all features will be used by everyone.

Our software works best when your employees are using it, so you can have up to date and accurate information across your company.


Integrating your GPS and Telematics Equipment

If you have a fleet of newer equipment, you have access to GPS and telematics data from the equipment manufacturers. This data is extremely important for you, but since you are so busy, it can be difficult to get any value out of it.

The data provided includes equipment locations, hour meters for preventative maintenance, idle time reports, and more. This is critical data you need, but it’s challenging to stay on top of it.

A big problem for you is that you likely have heavy equipment from multiple manufacturers such as CAT, John Deere, Komatsu, etc. This means you have to log on to multiple GPS/telematics systems to get the full picture of your fleet.

This takes up too much time when you are focused on your projects and getting the job done.

You need to be able to access all your equipment data in one place. This is what TelematicsVO can accomplish for you. We integrate with all equipment manufacturers and third party GPS/telematics hardware.

In one mobile friendly platform, IVO gets you the information you need by:

  • Showing all equipment locations through geofences, with your GPS-enabled pieces moving automatically in the system
  • Automatically reporting preventative maintenance items through custom alerts based on your needs
  • Providing daily and weekly idle time reports so you can understand where the equipment is, what pieces were idling, and for how long

You may also have equipment that does not have GPS/telematics available. IVO can help with this as well. You can move equipment in the system with two clicks from any device, and from the field or office with TrackVO.

Additionally, you can track preventative maintenance and work orders just as easily with MaintainVO.

IVO can help you regardless of the makeup of your fleet. We’d be happy to show you how we can meet your specific needs on a short 20 minute demo.

Preventative Maintenance

Managing Preventative Maintenance

This is our maintenance dashboard alert list. It's part of our preventative maintenance tracking feature.

Both during the busy season and outside of it, it is challenging to stay on top of preventative maintenance and repairs.

You try to collect all the latest information needed and store it by memory or an excel table, but the same communication and data collection issues still remain.

You need current hour meters and work orders.

You get frustrated when you need a piece of equipment that requires service. Worse yet, a piece gets missed in the shuffle of mobilizations and breaks down due to missed PM.

There are several preventative maintenance software programs available, but most do not truly integrate with the rest of your daily operations such as project/equipment locations, dispatching, and crew scheduling.

Keeping track of maintenance for your equipment doesn’t have to be difficult. With MaintainVO, tracking and scheduling for preventative maintenance has never been easier.

You can create automated preventative maintenance schedules and alerts, based on customizable hour meters and set dates and durations.

You can easily integrate with any GPS telematics data from multiple fleets with TelematicsVO, meaning all smart and “dumb” equipment can be aggregated into one simple platform.

Additionally, you can create work orders and set up email or text notifications to responsible parties of upcoming preventative maintenance work.

Equipment work order history is automatically saved and can be reviewed at any time. Daily and weekly maintenance reports are available for easy review (and can be emailed too).

Your mechanics have custom user dashboards that show open and closed work orders as well as equipment technical details and history. This creates a to do list with priorities and at the same time creates a complete historical record for your specific equipment.

Don’t let your mechanics time and knowledge go to waste, create detailed reports that help everybody from the parts runner to the owner have the information you need when and where you need it most.

About IVO

What you get out of an IVO Systems demo

We understand that time is tight during your work day and that you are extremely busy. You simply may not have time to dedicate 20 minutes to sitting at your computer participating in a demo.

We want to make sure you know your time will not be wasted, and understand that we provide high value in those 20 minutes so that you can walk away from the demo having learned something new.

There are three primary reasons to do a demo with IVO.

  • You will understand how your company may benefit from a mobile-friendly, up to date and easy to use operations software. The construction industry is constantly changing, and it is important to understand what is available to you in terms of software and technology.
  • You will get an honest conversation about the market and our strengths and weaknesses compared to our competitors. We will be entirely up front with you if we do not feel IVO is the best fit for your specific needs.
  • You will learn how our experience and knowledge in software and heavy civil construction will directly translate to your needs. Our founders have over 25 years of heavy civil construction experience, from estimating and operations to equipment management.

We are confident you will benefit from just 20 minutes of your time. Use the Request Demo button below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

About IVO

How IVO is an improvement over Excel and Google Sheets

Excel, and platforms similar to it such as Google Sheets are often turned to as tools used to manage schedules, employees, equipment, and more for any construction team. These tools are meant to reduce complications and increase organization, but often do not work as easily as hoped.

These tools are based on user input and bound for errors, as creating formulas for organizing data is often more complex than anticipated. Information is not in real time, meaning important decisions may be made without the most up to date information.

Your company is based on your workforce- and people and equipment cannot be reduced down to a formula. IVO Systems software is built to understand the intricate dynamics of a workforce and ensure that information is always accurate and updated.

Using IVO Systems saves time- with minimal risk of error, there is more time to focus on what’s next, instead of trying to figure out where you went wrong. Plus, a historical record of all data is automatically saved, meaning information from the past can easily be reviewed and used to make future decisions.

Maintaining tools like Excel and Google Sheets requires time intensive labor every day. IVO simplifies this process with automatic updates in real time- reducing equipment and labor cost.

One of the most appealing features of IVO is its ability to be used anywhere, at any time. IVO is mobile-friendly, meaning it can be used on a mobile device anywhere on a construction site. Excel is only computer friendly, making it harder to communicate outside of the office.

Having easily accessible and updated information at your fingertips eliminates mistakes and helps keep decision making as efficient and as accurate as possible.

About IVO

Getting started- What construction software is right for my company?

Our software is mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed and viewed from any device.

Complications, issues, and stress are an undeniable component to the construction industry. Your projects don’t always go as smoothly as planned. There’s an array of possible issues- such as losing track of important information, falling behind on maintenance and repair, difficulties with equipment tracking, confusing employee schedules, delays and missed deadlines. When your construction site is unorganized, nobody benefits, and time and money are wasted.

Many companies like yours employ construction software to try and mitigate these issues. Popular uses for construction software are bidding and estimating, job costing and accounting, or operations and equipment management.

Many software platforms lack equal access to information for all users, and include too much unnecessary information, which in turn creates a disorganized and misinformed workforce. They may claim to instantly solve your problems, but leave out how complex this process is with their software.

Software platforms such as HCSS and B2W are different from IVO with specialties such as bidding and cost association with each project. These platforms make a database and build a spreadsheet based on project costs- including different pay rates, projects, installations and supplier quotes. Bidding material for labor cost is a specialty of these companies. Currently, we have no plans to compete with this sort of bidding software and we recommend companies such as HCSS and B2W.

Shown below is a table comparing the products of IVO and other competing software. This data is helpful when comparing the current abilities of IVO to HCSS and B2W.

IVO is all about improving operations and controlling productions, and while we do not provide bidding software, we are easily able to work with third party systems that do, and can be customized to what your company needs.

In addition, we work with all major equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu, as well as third party GPS telematic add on systems (Trimble, Samsara, etc.). While we don’t provide GPS hardware, we work with these systems to aggregate the information and provide it in one easy to use platform. We want companies to trust the data we provide, which is why access to immediate information is so important.

We understand these issues, and with over 25 years of combined construction experience, we are here to help. We provide a single source of truth for all employees to understand and refer to. When everyone has up to date access to the information they need from one single source, everyone is able to make informed decisions across all offices and sites.

We specialize in keeping track of project and equipment locations and aggregating data to keep up to date information on preventative maintenance schedules, dispatching, and entering hour meters. When equipment isn’t properly organized and tracked, critical project information is delayed, further complicating projects and construction management. IVO puts information into the user’s hands that will help them make the right decisions from anywhere- in an office or on a construction site.

By using IVO’s modern web-based software structure, a historical record for all past movements and locations of all equipment can be referred to at any point. This includes information on who used it. Where it was located. When it was used. This makes it easy to keep track of repairs, and double check for any errors in communication.

At IVO, we believe everyone from the lowboy driver to the owner deserves the information they need to succeed right at their fingertips, and it is our goal to work with every customer to make this a reality. Request a demo using the button below, and comment any questions you may have!

IVO Systems Modules


Manage dispatching between drivers and management

We know that communication between the field and office is important, especially when it comes to dispatching and moving heavy equipment. This can be quite the struggle during busy seasons when moves happen often and things can change quickly.

Notifying the field team and specific lowboy drivers that equipment needs to be moved is incredibly important in these cases. DispatchVO, an extension of TrackVO, allows you to schedule and track future equipment moves and then relay that information to or from the field via text or email alerts.

You can schedule the equipment moves in advance and allow others to add notes or attachments to move requests. We have seen companies use this to better manage and track upcoming project equipment moves.

From the field, user-specific lowboy drivers can easily check off their assigned moves from their phone or tablet and even add meter readings from the same mobile-friendly dashboard.

We understand heavy civil construction companies are constantly working to improve their equipment utilization rates. Therefore, we designed our dispatching software to be mobile-friendly, easily updated, and always tracked.

We genuinely believe this system will help better manage your dispatching process. If you are interested or have questions, we’d be happy to discuss your current field operations on a short 20-minute call.