Eliminate spreadsheets & needless phone calls

Create a single source of truth to track your equipment, dispatching, crews, timecards, maintenance, scheduling and more through one platform.

Anyone on your team who uses a smart phone can learn our system in a flash.

Construction Operations

Know what your jobs need, when they need it, what is available and notify responsible parties

Fleet & Equipment Management

Know what it is, where it is, where it is going next and what it needs

We provide an easy-to-use platform for your heavy civil construction team to collaborate in real-time.


Move and find equipment with two clicks from any device. Filter your equipment by group and/or search in order to find specific resources. Train your personnel to move equipment in the system as they move it in the field in order to keep your system up-to-date.


Dispatching features allow you to easily schedule equipment moves and relay information to the field via email and/or text message. Schedule your equipment moves in advance and allow others to add notes and attachments to move requests. Drivers can quickly check off moves from their phones and even add meter readings directly from their dispatch view.


Schedule equipment and employees from our easy-to-use scheduler views. Easily filter and search to schedule by resource group. Spot unassigned resources to reduce rentals and improve utilization. Automatically send daily schedules to your field personnel and updates when plans change.


Create automated preventative maintenance schedules based on hours/mileage, which provides staff information to review upcoming work to be completed. Once completed, the system automatically updates the schedule. Also, create work orders for repairs and notify responsible parties. The system allows your maintenance techs an easy way to record what they have done and see the maintenance history for any given piece of equipment in the field. Automated reporting and alerts allow the field and management to quickly see what needs servicing.


Access data from your Telematics/GPS equipped machines in one platform. Automatically bring in location data, machine hours for maintenance and error codes. Allow machines to move in the system automatically based on geofences you can quickly setup for each project. Receive easy-to-read daily, weekly and/or monthly reports showing data from your machines such as Idle Time, Fuel Usage, Operating Hours, Location, etc. Viewing this data daily allows management to understand the numbers and notify responsible parties.


One of the biggest problems the industry faces in their systems for Equipment Management and Operations is the inability to translate data into actionable information and automatically provide it to the people who need it. Our system is built with this in mind and designed to allow you to easily setup automated reports and alerts.


Enter project timecards with associated cost codes and equipment based on the information already in the platform.  In addition, system allows field personnel to add notes, photos and detailed productions for review and export time for payroll.  Finally, each project allows for the entry of closest hospital, diggers hotline tickets, subcontractors, permits, etc.

Software from civil construction

We created IVO Systems software to help companies manage their heavy civil construction equipment tracking, maintenance, dispatching, and scheduling based on our combined 25 years of industry experience.