Our System

Track & Dispatch Equipment & Crews

Move and find equipment & crews with two clicks from any devic e. Filter your equipment & crews by group in order to find specific resources. Train your personnel to move equipment in the system as they move it in the field in order to keep your system up-to-date.

Collect Hour Meters & Odometers

With our system you can train your truck drivers and others to add meter readings into the system from the field as they do other tasks. Easy to read automated reports help you keep on top of your meter readings for your maintenance program.

Easy Maintenance Records

Give your maintenance techs an easy way to record what work they've done from the field. No more lost records or trips to the shop to view maintenance records.

Equipment Parts & Specifications

Keep up-to-date parts lists and specifications for each piece of equipment in your fleet. Your mechanics can spend less time ordering parts and reading manuals and more time servicing your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Made Easy

Document your preventative maintenance process for each machine and receive regular automated reports to allow you schedule preventative maintenance. Your techs can check off services and see what is due in the field.

Equipment Move History

Know where your machines were, when they were moved and who moved them. Keep on top of your moves with automated move reports.

Job Management from the Office & the Field

Quickly take photos from your phone, add notes and many other features to document your jobs from start to finish.

Equipment Photos, Notes, Documents

Your staff can easily add photos, notes and documents for your equipment from their phones in the field or in the office. Easily take before and after photos of rental equipment to prevent back charges.

Equipment & Employee Time Tracking

Track equipment and employee time cards from the field and export to accounting. A centralized location for your daily project notes, photos, time cards and more.

Software from civil construction

Our experience will help you put a system in place that works in the field, not just on paper or in the office.

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