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How is IVO Systems different from HCSS and B2W?

Watch to learn more about how we compare to HCSS and B2W

Many of our customers already use HCSS products, specifically HeavyBid and HeavyJob. We recommend those products for bidding your work and tracking how your bid is playing out with daily time cards for each bid. Those products are great, and we are not competing in the bidding or detailed time card market.

We see our value in providing services that help you track, dispatch and maintain your equipment. We provide a price for your entire company to have access to the software- for tasks such as scheduling employees, any project notes, and many other features. We focus on improving and tracking your operations in the field, where your profits are generated. 

With that access, your company is provided with better and more up-to-date information that will help you make informed decisions and improve productions, profitability and operations from the field or office.

That is the difference between IVO Systems and other platforms like HCSS and B2W- we provide company wide access and only what you need. 

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