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Customer Testimonial: C.W. Kick with Midwest Mole

C.W. Kick is the equipment manager at Midwest Mole, a boring tunneling, directional drilling and railroad services construction company. Midwest Mole completes heavy civil construction projects across the country and C.W. takes care of buying, selling, fixing, storing and transporting their heavy equipment and is in charge of their shop trucking operations and yard. C.W. has over 20 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry and the heavy equipment market.

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Why did you choose IVO Systems’ platform over other software options?

I think the biggest reason is just the simplicity, kinda always have a joke when it comes to some of this technology and stuff. And I like to keep things sometimes caveman simple. And I think that’s the biggest key, this is it’s intuitive and a lot of things are real simple to navigate through, which the easier the process is, the better the results.

What do you like best about the TrackVO and DispatchVO modules?

I like the fact that it’s it’s easy to navigate, it’s easy to get through. Along those same lines, I like the fact that the equipment you can see it all on one page and very quickly, you can schedule [equipment] moves, and it’s very easy to train people how to use and it kind of just falls back to that original original thing that the easier it is to use, the better its gonna work.

What do you like best about the MaintainVO module for equipment maintenance?

Same thing. You know, it’s right there at your fingertips. Guys can access information. We had a long history of Midwest Moles stashing, stashing all sorts of notes on equipment, different places. And we have a bit of a running joke around here that it’s in the P Drive, which is the mythical place where everything goes to be stored. But in seriousness, it’s it’s very nice to be able to pull up a piece of equipment, you know someone in the field, superintendent, anybody in the office, eliminates a lot of questions and phone calls. What is this thing, whats it weigh? Where’s it at? What’s wrong with it? All of these things become a little easier to deal with.

How has the implementation process been?

Super simple. You know, I’ve had the benefit of kind of pregaming, some of it with with Bob and a little bit before we got to it. But it’s really easy. IVOs been really great to work with and made it pretty easy to import equipment. And then then been there to answer questions on the way.

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