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[00:00:02] Hi, Eric Christensen here with IVO Systems, and today we’d like to talk about why different companies- some companies run the same equipment manufacturer, some companies run mixed fleets. It depends on where you are in the country and being from Wisconsin, we’ve heard we’re maybe a little bit unique in this area. And in my experience and our experience is what people care about here is support. If you’ve got a piece of equipment, they don’t care what is on the side of it. You know what manufacturer it is, does it do the job and does it have support and can it get fixed when it inevitably breaks? And that’s what truly matters, is having equipment that works and is available and ready when you need it. You need some of these pieces that aren’t used regularly. Maybe you only have two or three hundred hours of runtime a year, but that two hundred hours is incredibly important in your critical path sequence for getting this large project done on this aggressive timeline.

So that’s really- with our unique Wisconsin- our winters are tough here and we only have a set amount of time to get work done. So what we’ve seen is people who use anything and everything and what they really care about is the support. And that’s what we understand- you need the support from all aspects, from your mechanics to your dealers to your software to all come together and to have your employees, management and field have access to that information to really improve your operations, make your money in the field and improve your operations. And that’s really just something that we think is maybe a little bit unique to Wisconsin but is very applicable to everyone out there. Hopefully that’s helpful. And please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how IVO systems might help you. [00:00:02][0.0]

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