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Dispatch Ticket Filter Update

[00:00:00] Hi, Eric Christensen here at IVO Systems, and we just recently released a software update that really goes into allowing users to better sort and filter their dispatch tickets. This was requested by our users and what we love here at IVO Systems is getting requests from our customers that, we’re using this software so much that we need to filter and see more information faster. So of course, we would make that logical update to our software.

Then from there, we also updated some of the looks and feel of the software as well, just to again, improve the user experience. That’s, a cool place for us to be with IVO Systems since we’re really moving our software forward, along with our customers to address their specific needs and how they can, better use our software to improve their operations Hopefully, you get a chance to enjoy that update as a customer, or if you want to see what we’re offering, we would love to set up a demo to quickly demonstrate how we might be able to help you.

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