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IVO Sales Process

Our sales process at IVO Systems is carefully designed to make sure we’re a good fit for you, the potential customer who is looking to add software to your toolbox. 

We have several ways for you to reach out to us- we’re on social media platforms, our website has request demo forms and a live chat, and our company contact information is easy to find. We also send out different emails and our sales staff makes calls in order to find the right customers at the right time. 

But overall, our sales process is focused on you. Whether you submitted a form or our staff caught you at a good time, we want to understand what your operational challenges are and how you are looking to solve them. We will generally ask about your current operations, fleet, company size, and other questions to determine what you need. 

All of this information helps us tailor the next step, a Zoom or in-person demo, specifically to your needs so that we are not wasting your time with irrelevant features or modules. We understand that you are very busy and will be very up-front with you if we don’t think we can help- in fact, we’ll even recommend other software platforms if we aren’t a good fit. 

On the demo, we will again discuss your challenges and show you exactly how we would meet your needs within the IVO Systems platform with one of our co-founder(s).  As Eric Christensen likes to say, “It’s really a free consultation…” from industry professional. At this point we also provide you with pricing and your own login to the IVO platform so you can go back into the system and try it out for yourself. 

We tend to do a second demo, usually with more members of your team so that you can be confident that everyone’s questions have been answered. We generally go into specific details about implementation and training, although we can also do this on the first demo. 

If you decide to move forward with IVO Systems, we will send you a final contract and invoice, and immediately start working towards your implementation schedule. We’ll help you import your data into the system, set up your projects, schedules, maintenance history, and more. 

Once your data is imported, we can begin training, whether that’s on a Zoom call, on the phone, or in-person. You should be up and running within a month, depending on your records, availability and schedule. 

Finally, you’ll have access to our support team that will help you resolve any issues that come up or train new staff members. We’ll communicate any updates or fixes with you to make sure you are always in the know of what’s coming to the IVO Systems Platform. 

We hope to serve you and add value to your company. Please let us know if you have an interest in discussing our software. 

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