A module of the Integrated Virtual Operation (IVO) Systems

Your heavy equipment dispatching process doesn’t have to be complicated with dozens of phone calls and texts.

Dispatching is a critical part of your operations that needs to be optimized to meet your schedules and production goals.

With DispatchVO, an extension of TrackVO, it’s easy to set up and assign dispatch tickets to your truck drivers from any device. You can also use DispatchVO for workflow planning to create unassigned and/or custom tickets.

When things change, you can easily update the tickets, reassign, and re-order priorities across your company as needed.

You can attach documents (oversize load tickets, truck route maps, photos, etc) to your dispatch tickets, giving your entire team easy access to the information they need to move heavy equipment.

All the information is easily accessible to your team to review historical moves/dates and make informed decisions on where to allocate your resources.

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