About IVO

How IVO is an improvement over Excel and Google Sheets

Excel, and platforms similar to it such as Google Sheets are often turned to as tools used to manage schedules, employees, equipment, and more for any construction team. These tools are meant to reduce complications and increase organization, but often do not work as easily as hoped.

These tools are based on user input and bound for errors, as creating formulas for organizing data is often more complex than anticipated. Information is not in real time, meaning important decisions may be made without the most up to date information.

Your company is based on your workforce- and people and equipment cannot be reduced down to a formula. IVO Systems software is built to understand the intricate dynamics of a workforce and ensure that information is always accurate and updated.

Using IVO Systems saves time- with minimal risk of error, there is more time to focus on what’s next, instead of trying to figure out where you went wrong. Plus, a historical record of all data is automatically saved, meaning information from the past can easily be reviewed and used to make future decisions.

Maintaining tools like Excel and Google Sheets requires time intensive labor every day. IVO simplifies this process with automatic updates in real time- reducing equipment and labor cost.

One of the most appealing features of IVO is its ability to be used anywhere, at any time. IVO is mobile-friendly, meaning it can be used on a mobile device anywhere on a construction site. Excel is only computer friendly, making it harder to communicate outside of the office.

Having easily accessible and updated information at your fingertips eliminates mistakes and helps keep decision making as efficient and as accurate as possible.