A module of the Integrated Virtual Operation (IVO) Systems

If you cannot easily review all your telematics and GPS data, it does not add value to your bottom line.

Mixed fleets require multiple logins and reports, and it’s difficult to review important information in a timely manner.

TelematicsVO, an extension of TrackVO, aggregates all your mixed fleet telematics data into one platform for easy review with custom reports. Daily reports create accountability and data to improve things such as reducing idle time equipment hours.

By using Project Geofences in TrackVO, equipment locations automatically update/move based on telematics data ‘pings’. Telematics enabled equipment also has icons and information reviewable in the map view.

Have some equipment that doesn’t utilize telematics or GPS? Not a problem.

Non-telematics equipment can also easily be managed in the same system with TrackVO.

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